ninja2Are you a Ninja?

Insights Meta is a small, growing research consultancy based in Kansas City. We’re developing cool and research-effective games for market research, and conducting equally cool and insightful research for games companies. If you’re interested in joining our team, enjoy challenges, aren’t intimidated by change, are excited by one of the below job descriptions, have a gamer’s soul, and enjoy going beyond the narrow constraints of a job description, please send your credentials to us at


White Belt Designer

Insights Meta is always on the lookout for up-and-coming creative talent. Like the work we deliver to our clients, our internships are custom-made to suit the capabilities and needs of students and others looking to transition into research and interactive media. As a White Belt Designer, depending on your background and interests you may be called upon to:

  • Develop concept art for web, print, and interactive content
  • Support our social media presence with informative and witty prose
  • Create infographics about the free-to-play gaming market in Russia
  • Show off amazing PowerPoint skills
  • Design 3D models for printing on a Makerbot
  • Playtest a research trading card game

(In more traditional terms: White Belts are intern-equivalents, typically with a marketing, graphic design, game visuals, or other creative focus.)

Insights Meta is a small and rapidly growing agency. We are in a thought leadership position for innovative approaches to marketing research, especially gamification. But that is only part of who we are; to get a sense of our values and culture, read our manifesto.

Insights Meta is a young, thriving research consultancy based in Kansas City. Qualified and compatible candidates thrive in environments that are low on process and high on accountability and quality.