(Really, we love games.)

Game pieces

Games are a fundamental human activity. We work to achieve; we play to enjoy and engage. Games exist in all cultures, modern and ancient. Games are structured and spontaneous, relaxing and challenging. They exist as a natural way of learning, practicing, and experimenting in a safe environment.

Providing the best possible research and advisory insights to game developers and publishers is a unique privilege. We approach every new project the same way a sommelier considers the relationship between food and wine. We search for the value hidden within every genre, platform, business model, game mechanic, artistic style, and dataset. We combine personal passion for the video game experience with professional and methodological rigor.

Insights Meta offers decades of combined experience in game development, market and consumer intelligence, and…well, playing games. We live at the intersection of insights, gameplay, research, and storytelling. We love designing new games for research as much as we love researching new games.

Let’s play a game!