Game Concept Testing with RapidPolls

by Jason Anderson
November 2, 2015

From conceptualization to product launch, many aspects of new product development can benefit from market research data. Concept tests evaluate potential consumer response to a new game, and seek to answer questions about adoption, purchase likelihood, usability, or preference. It can help to determine which segments of the market find it most appealing, or relative appeal of alternative product ideas or features.

Concept tests can be designed and run to:

  • Measure customer reaction and interest levels for new game concepts. Given brief descriptions of a new game or expansion, what is their initial reaction and likelihood of playing? Effective for measuring potential customer adoption rates.
  • Determine what types of downloadable content are most desired for your game. Would they rather have new playable characters or new multiplayer maps? New weapons or more cosmetic options to personalize their character or avatar?
  • Evaluate the ease of use of different user interfaces. Present screenshots of different elements of your game, such as navigation menus, heads up display (HUD), or maps, and get opinions about usability.
  • Compare the appeal of different art styles. Show respondents screenshots that represent different art styles and ask for opinions about what kind of game they think it would be based on the art style or which art style they prefer.
  • Evaluate pricing strategies. Describe different pricing scenarios to determine price elasticity and price sensitivity. What kinds of pricing are acceptable and tolerated with your target market?

With RapidPolls, you can run a quick concept test to a sample of active gamers. The advantages of running such a study through RapidPolls is that it uses a pre-screened sample of active gamers that can be grouped and segmented. You don’t have to waste questions (or people’s time) on screening, unless you have very specific screening requirements (for example, if you are testing concepts for a new downloadable content package for a specific game and only want to ask people who have played the base game, you may want to include a screening question asking what games they have played with your title as one of the options).

RapidPolls provides an easy entry into concept testing. Contact us to get started with your own video game concept study using RapidPolls.