Games Awareness & Usage Testing with RapidPolls

by Jason Anderson
October 12, 2015

How aware are gamers of your game? How many have actually played it? These metrics are an important part of any marketing plan and should inform further marketing strategies. But it can be difficult reaching the appropriate audience. Running a full marketing research study can take time, with survey programming, recruiting participants, fielding the study, and analyzing the results. What if there was an easier way to gather game awareness data for your title and several benchmarked competitive titles that could return data within a week?

With RapidPolls, you can quickly run a short study of up to 10 questions to a pre-screened representative sample of active gamers. The sample can be defined and specified by as many attributes as you like from a range of demographic, behavioral, and usage attributes. A basic game awareness study could be as simple as one or two multi-select questions:

  1. Which of the following games have you heard of?
  2. Which of the following games have you played before?

Options for each would be your game title that you are testing and several benchmarked competitive games. The purpose of the benchmarks is to serve as context: are you faring better or worse than other titles?

From these two simple questions, you can get data about game awareness and playing history, benchmarked against other competitive games of your choice. Because the sample is pre-screened, data can be segmented on a number of demographic and other attributes, such as platforms owned, genre preferences, or eSports participation.

This can also be used to determine a usage or incidence rate. Suppose you are planning a larger study of people that have played your game and need to know what the incidence rate might be from a panel provider (and by extension, how expensive it’s going to be to recruit those players). A quick one-question RapidPoll of 500 gamers from your desired segment can provide a reasonable (and economical) estimate for an incidence rate to expect.

RapidPolls can be a versatile tool in your Swiss Army knife of market research tools. Game awareness is just one possible application of the RapidPolls service. Contact us to get started with your own video game market research study.