Custom Development

Research Games for Any Platform

For research challenges targeting larger or mass market audiences, Insights Meta offers custom game development services for a wide range of platforms. Need a research game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4? A dedicated mobile research app? A browser-based game? iPad game? Our designers and development partners have you covered.

  1. Joystick

    Console Games

    Nothing say “video game” like an HDTV experience in the living room. Console game development is perhaps the largest and most complex research gamification scenario, but it’s quite viable. Console research games are a great fit for research with younger demographics, technology early adopters, and consumer brands seeking large-scale participation and feedback.

  2. Mobile devicesMobile Games

    Mobile games have a wide range of complexity and quality, from the fully polished to the rough-and-dirty. Mobile games are well suited for a variety of lighter game experiences with shorter time commitments (such as customized mobile versions of the MetaGame Collection).

  3. Browser Games

    For maximum versatility and hardware compatibility, browser-based games offer an attractive combination of modest development costs and schedules at the expense of some visual fidelity. Not all audiences will know (or care) if your research game is running at 60 frames per second, however, and many scenarios are compatible with two-dimensional art styles.

Game controller