Integration Partners

Join the Insights Meta Network

IntegrationOur vision for research gamification includes a broad network of partners and collaborators who share the same goal: bringing humanity to the forefront of the research experience through the natural act of playing. This ecosystem of designers, technology platforms, and research practitioners form a consortium of advocates and early adopters.

Please contact us if your organization would like to discuss collaboration opportunities.

  1. Data Collection Platforms

    While the Insights MetaGame Collection can be implemented with any survey platform, trusted partners are able to integrate directly with the MetaGame platform. This integration enables seamless publishing and data retrieval, simplifying the client experience.

  2. Game Development Studios

    While Insights Meta employs an internal game development team, co-development and publishing opportunities are available for independent developers that are interested in building games to run on the Insights MetaGame platform.

  3. Research Agencies

    As consumer insights and market intelligence experts, your experience and knowledge of both the practice of research and your clients’ needs is highly valued. Licensing, training, and support options are available for agencies interested in adding gamification capabilities to their toolbox.

  4. GameMaster Network

    Nothing makes a game shine like a great party host, and nothing makes a live research game unforgettable like a professionally trained Research GameMaster. Qualitative research experts wishing to apply our live research games to their projects are invited to apply for our growing network of GameMaster professionals.