Offline Games


Before there were video games,
there were games.

Not every research project has the luxury of a computer or tablet within range of a 50Mbit wifi hotspot. And sometimes, you want to turn off the electronics and let human emotion and language drive the conversation. For these situations, offline research games such as custom board games, role-playing, card games, or other games of chance can wake up a focus group table and enable authentic, relaxed exploration.

  1. Custom board gamesCustom Board Games

    Replace some (or all!) of your focus group agenda with a custom-designed board game. Common scenarios include memory mapping, design challenges, and other situations where you want to ensure everyone in the room has a fair chance to express themselves. Game rules and artwork are custom-designed for each project, and physically delivered to you or your agency. Board games work best early in the research session, as both an icebreaking exercise and a data collection tool.

  2. Backroom Games

    Clients worry about keeping their research participants engaged. Agencies worry about keeping their clients engaged. The solution? Games that pierce the one-way mirror. For components of a study that demand focus and attention from both the client and the consumer, Insights Meta offers game systems and moderated game experiences that involve both the front room and the observation room in ways that are extremely dynamic.

  3. Card gamesCustom Card Games

    Where board games typically require a group of players, card games can be designed for team play, group play, or as a solitary exercise. Card games can be designed for a very wide range of scenarios, but work best in tradeoff and choice modeling exercises. (After all, isn’t choosing a card the same as making a choice?) Insights Meta card games include custom rule development, artwork, and print production.

  4. Research GameMasters

    Insights Meta’s offline research games are delivered as physical products, complete with instructions and ready for use by your existing research team. Our Research GameMasters can optionally support your project with live game management including team moderation, rules management, player encouragement, and subtle observational skills. Or, turn your entire study into a game and we can provide a full service experience including design, management, and interpretation.