Measuring Game Launch Day (and other milestone events)

by Jason Anderson
October 26, 2015

Launch day…when all the built-up excitement and anticipation about a title is finally released into the eager and waiting hands of your customers. Wouldn’t it be great to get a feel for their initial reactions to your game?

With RapidPolls, you can target your audience through a pre-screened group of active gamers. You just released a new Action RPG game for Xbox One? Target active gamers that play Action RPG video games on the Xbox One with a RapidPoll. Run the poll on your launch day, or 24-hours after launch, to get timely in-the-moment initial impressions of your release.

Your RapidPoll can have up to 10 questions, including open-ended response questions or multiple-choice questions (either single select or multi-select). This allows you to collect feedback for a variety of “Day One” questions, such as how or where they bought the game, how much they have played the game, initial satisfaction with the game, how likely they are to recommend the game, or what they liked best or worst about the game so far. You are only limited by your imagination (and the 10-question limit) in what you can ask these gamers.

RapidPolls is better able to meet quotas for a very specific gamer audience than a traditional panel provider. With a pre-screened and segmented population of nearly 500,000 active gamers in the US alone, you can quickly narrow your sample down to gamers that play a specific genre of games on a specific platform. Use one of your 10 questions as an additional screening question–for example, to target only gamers that have played your title—to really hone in on exactly the gamers you want.

A RapidPoll study could also be used to measure the pulse of the gaming community after major announcements or press conferences, such as E3. Want to know which announcements people really gravitated to and connected with after a major event? Run a RapidPoll overnight the same day as the event to see what stuck. A combination of open-ended questions to get their “off the top of their heads” responses and multiple choice questions to get focused feedback on certain announcements can lead to some valuable insights on the initial reactions and excitement of active gamers.

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