Meet Our Manifesto

It’s like a vision statement, but without the buzzwords.

These guiding principles drive our approach to everything we do. We are technology-focused and constantly experimenting with new ways of quantifying, organizing, and visualizing research. We are platform-agnostic, caring more about the usefulness of the data than where it came from. We believe in finding a path to action.


Information is not wisdom.

Anyone can collect research data quickly and inexpensively. That data has no value, however, without interpretation and visualization.

Insight is not Action.

An insight is the understanding of cause and effect. Action is the application of insights to make better decisions. Action is the ultimate objective all research — changing the path of cause and effect.

Science is better than intuition.

Scientists don’t ask the rat which cheese it prefers; they conduct experiments to measure its behavior. Measuring real behavior is always superior to asking about potential behavior.

Everything can, and will, be quantified (eventually).

Digital technology, by definition, must quantify everything to interact with it. The challenge is not in quantifying knowledge, but in organizing it.

Transparency wins.

When treated with sincerity and respect, people respond with trust. When research participants are treated as people instead of consumers they respond with authenticity. When clients are treated with honesty, collaboration becomes possible and outcomes improve for all.

Individuals matter.

We are not consumers, or subjects, or participants. We are people, with similarities but also individuality. So are your customers, your viewers, your fellow citizens.