Game Kitchen®

Fiber Internet + Dedicated Infrastructure
= Awesome Playtesting

Nothing beats watching a new player sit down with your game for the first time. Is he excited? Bored? Confused? Robust, structured playtesting as an integral part of the development process saves countless months of  effort wasted in rabbit-holes and uncovers valuable insights about the play experience.

Unfortunately, playtesting can be very logistics-intensive:

  • Recruiting and incentive management
  • Technology provisioning and configuration
  • Study moderation and analysis
  • Security and intellectual property management

Insights Meta’s Game Kitchen® provides a turnkey solution for consumer testing of games under development in an efficient, secure, repeatable, and operationally secure environment. We provide the infrastructure you need and the methodological rigor your product deserves, with an a la carte menu of services. Take advantage of our full-service research packages, or do-it-yourself using just the infrastructure components you need.



After testing is complete, you’ll receive links to video archives of the participant experience. Download the raw results, or work with our research team for thorough reporting and analysis.


Because the Game Kitchen is a dedicated facility, you don’t need to constrain your participants to a specific test schedule. (Projects with focus group components will require stricter scheduling.) Provide survey links for pre- and post-gameplay feedback, or let us design and manage the survey process for you.


The Game Kitchen® runs on a low-latency, 500Mbit fiber network, for impossibly fast real-time streaming of content to and from the facility. Stream content from a cloud gaming configuration in Amazon Web Services; simultaneously stream the game experience and player cameras in HD to your facility for remote viewing. Configure a secure VPN tunnel between the lab and your internal network, for special authentication needs.


Send us your test media for installation on our locally isolated network, ship us a dedicated test environment, or publish your content to our Amazon Web Services GPU-accelerated instance for cloud-based hosting. Frequent users can install dedicated equipment, or install dedicated equipment on your campus with a secure network connection to our facility.


Define your recruiting criteria and we’ll leverage our local database of research volunteers, or make your own recruiting arrangements.


All studies take place in our Game Kitchen lab in Kansas City, Missouri – a demographically diverse community of 2.3 million people within 30 minutes of our facility.