Player Satisfaction

When games become services, understanding and acting on customer satisfaction trends becomes critical to business success. Profitability depends on the “long tail”, which makes keeping your audience happy and entertained.

Insights Meta views player satisfaction research as a constant and iterative process, not a one-off task. We work with our publishing and developer clients to design a research strategy that yields ongoing value, and can provide early warning signs before dissatisfaction becomes churn.

Satisfaction Tracking

It is far better to please a dissatisfied customer than to win back a lost customer. While purchase and other behavioral data can be used to identify who is likely to leave your game service, it offers limited visibility into why players leave.

Insights Meta develops a wide range of satisfaction tracking programs, from lightweight single-country MetaPolls™ to robust international studies with a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Churn Research

For players that have already left a game service, a wide range of factors can come into play:

  • Were they bored?
  • Were they busy?
  • Did technology get in the way?
  • Were they distracted by social pressures?

These and countless other reasons can all play a role. When there’s a sudden and unexpected change in your business, understanding the root causes is the first step to restoring a healthy player community. Insights Meta tunnels deep into churned player communities, mining social media sources and interviewing churned players (and those on the edge) about why your title didn’t fit into their gaming lives.

Deprivation Studies

Deprivation studies focus on the fuzzy zone between active players and churned players: the momentum players. Gaming deprivation involves removing a specific title from a player’s reach and developing an understanding of what captures their newly-found unused time. Does a deprived player switch to a competing game? Another leisure activity? Do they simply reduce their gaming time? How likely are they to return to your game when access is restored? How long does it take for a recently churned player to lose interest?

Deprivation studies offer an extremely insightful window into the extent of your title’s risk profile.