Running Tracking Surveys with RapidPolls

by Jason Anderson
October 19, 2015

Monitoring specific metrics on a weekly basis can be an important element to a market research plan. It allows you to follow important trends for your game over time. With real-time information about behaviors, attitudes, and satisfaction with your game, you are better able to react to player trends and shifts.

Running a weekly RapidPoll is an easy and economical way to collect tracking data on your key metrics. It may be important to monitor brand health for a video game franchise by tracking awareness, satisfaction, and playing time each week. Viewing this data over time can provide direction about how the game is trending and how things such as new downloadable content packs impacts these metrics.

A RapidPoll can contain up to 10 questions. Running the same questions every week gives you time series data that allows you to see how those metrics change over time. This makes running a tracking poll using RapidPolls very simple:

  1. Define your target audience. Do you want to measure the broader audience of all gamers, or hone in on a specific type of gamer, such as First-Person Shooter gamers that play video games at least once a week and own a PlayStation 4? Streamlining your audience can eliminate the need for some screening questions and provide focus to formulating your questions.
  2. Determine the key indicator metrics you want to track for your game. For example, this could be awareness, weekly playing time, time watching streamed gameplay, or spending behavior.
  3. Formulate questions to gather the desired data for the key indicator metrics. You can use a variety of question types, but for tracking metrics, multiple-choice or ranking questions or possibly open-ended numeric entry questions are better than open-ended text entry questions.
  4. Schedule the RapidPoll to run weekly, or at whatever time interval is desired (you could run a monthly tracking poll instead if weekly is too often, for example).

Once the study is designed and the initial survey (up to 10 questions) is ready, the survey gets automatically fielded each week. The same survey with the same questions is distributed to a random sample of the specified target audience to meet your sample size requirements for each week. You can view results for each week’s survey individually, or view the results as a time series.

RapidPolls makes it easy to conduct a tracking poll to a targeted segment of active gamers. Contact us to get started with your tracking survey today!